How are you supposed to start dating at age 30?

I don't want to get into my history lest I be dismissed as a psych case, but to keep things short, I had my reasons not to pursue a relationship and I never had one until age 27. My first and, to date, only relationship started as an online one and lasted two years (yes, we did meet in person) but fell apart thanks to several external factors.

I'm very inexperienced at this. Honestly the breakup is still hitting me really hard, and I know I'm not ready to start up again (frankly I think I need to move far away from my parents - again, won't get into the history there but we're not on the best of terms), but I'd like to have some idea what I'm doing.


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  • Work on yourself FIRST. Either with what @kkaos suggested or something deeper that you can use for everything in life and not just women.


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  • Check out RSDtyler or any of the other RSD guys if you haven't already, I know pickup artists might get a lot of hate, but I find their videos are great for self improvement when it comes to dating and just life in general.

  • Your options at this point if you haven't improved on yourself are:
    1. Single mothers
    2. Women who are getting off the cock carousal and looking for a beta to commit/marry them within 1-2 years
    3. Very ugly women

    • Speaking of self-improvement, how's that bitterness working for you?

    • How is trying to attack men who just telling you as it is working out for you?

  • Give it time till you start dating, don't rebound