Is it okay to call out guys who respect virgins?

I think it is very disgusting to see how women who had lots of sexual partners attack and call names to guys who respect virgins and want to have SERIOUS relationships with them. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER THE GUY IS A VIRGIN OR NOT RESPECTING VIRGINS IS NOT WRONG. RESPECTING DOESN'T MAKE THEM BAD MEN!!!
Dear promiscuous women attacking guys who respect virgin shows your jealousy. You are jealous for not getting the same respecþ from guys.
If any guys says he respectspromiscuous women and hates virgins I swear that won't make me mad at allences. NO WAY YOUR PREFERENCE DECREASES MY CONFIDENCE.

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  • Poor virgins, they get labelled hard with stuff for just being virgins

    What going on, you good. You're a virgin its good. Easy there tiger

    • I never get attacked for being a virgin. No one can shame a girl for rejecting guys

    • What is it about being a virgin that you like?

    • The fact that I dont give myself to guys who care about sex and dont see me as a human being. I know I have mnay qualities other than having holes

Most Helpful Girl

  • No one cares. 😒

    Let me call bullshit.
    *bullshit doesn't answer*
    See? Even bullshit doesn't care.

    • They care. They attack because they care

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    • I just pointed out bullshit which you are the only one who care about. ^^
      And because I can see past the fantasy of virgin hunters makes me a slut? Okay, cool.

    • Wanting to date a virgin doesn't make them a hunter. Dating is a serious relationship. It is more than just sex

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What Guys Said 5

  • Holy shit I'm sensing some pent-up agression.

    It's socially okay for women to go without sex, but it will never be commonly accepted for a man to not be having sex. It's a testosterone thing.

    That's pretty much what that means though: date a virgin, you're probably not getting any.

    I don't judge people on how much sex they get, but that's just me.

    • Yes I am being aggressive because I dislike jealousy.

  • Curious.

    What country are you from?

  • They are pouring their rage cause they know what they have lost
    I have been with both , virgin and non virgin
    There's always something special about the girls first guy
    And non virgins can't have this anymore

  • What do virgin girls think of non virgin guys ever had lots of sexual partners and virgin guys without any sexual experience?

  • no its not okay


What Girls Said 3

  • It's just as okay to call out guys who respect virgins as it is to call out guys who shame women for embracing their sexuality. We're not living in the medieval ages anymore.

    • Sexuality and promiscuity are not

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    • I would never do that. That is gross.

    • Virgins>Hoes
      No sane man would marry a promiscuous girl unless he was one himself.

  • calling out not good

  • Lol, who even cares about virginity anymore? Be one, or not. Just live your life and don't hate on other people.

    • You may not care about virginity. BUT i was talking about those guys who care and get called names for that.

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    • Why do you think guys who want virgins think virginity is the ONLY thing she can offer? What if virginity is one of the things they want?

    • What if guys think virgins who save themselves are loyal? Is loyality a good reason to date a virgin?