Is it better to be upfront with a man or wait it out and see if anything changes?

I am curious because A guy that I'm interested in seems to be pulling away and i really just wanna have a open honest conversation with him about it but don't wanna push him further away. I've been told before that I can overreact sometimes so I don't wanna make any rash decisions and lose him. But by not saying anything I feel like I'll lose him any way.


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  • Open and honest communication is the best way forward.


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  • Most people overthink , assume and over analyse at times. I do sometimes. It can be a "killer "in relationships. Assumptions and overthinking can create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place

    I'm the sort of person though who has to know where I stand. So if I have some concern and I believe it's a genuine concern then I'll voice my concern.

    If I felt someone pulling away then I'd need to talk about it. If someone is pulling away there could be a number of reasons why. So it's important to talk about it , then you'll know where you stand and what's on his mind

    • Thank you. I'm usually the same way. My overthinking has ruin my past relationships. But didn't wanna risk it with him. I'll talk to him tonight.

    • I can relate to that

      Yeah I would talk to him. If you don't , your overthinking will just become worse. You need answers coz you're concerned he's pulling away. So hopefully he can remove any doubts you have. I hope it works out ok for you

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  • Tell him how you feel. The number one problem is when women fail to directly tell a guy what is bothering them. We don't know unless we are told directly. We are dense that way :)


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  • Just have an upfront conversation with him. You need to know, before he is too far to even get in contact with.