Why did he stop texting me 🤔?

So I recently met up with a guy I talked to online and it went well. At least I thought it did. We talked a lot via text and Facebook but he recently stopped a few days ago. Even after meeting up he told me he wanted to see me more and that I'm pretty etc. But he stopped talking to me for a reason I dont know why. My friends say he might be intimidated by me because I am in school studying computer science and physics but I didn't say anything to make him feel less than a man. Help?


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  • It's possible for him to be intimidated by you even if you don't say anything. If he hasn't told you anything then there is nothing much you can do here.

    • Told me anything? What do you mean? I told him before we met up and he seemed cool about it. I just dont understand why he would stop talking to me without any reason

    • I mean if hasn't told you as to why he stopped talking to you

What Girls Said 1

  • You need to not text or call. Open your profile and date the next guy.