Should I talk to him I'm unsure?

Should I talk to him I'm unsure? I asked my guy friends they said it's a good one but I'm not sure. so I'm in middle school and my crush is really shy so when I see him going to 6th has a water bottle I see it. But he always walks to the waterfoutain (side of hall I'm on) and stops says hey and never gets any water. Well today he said "hey." I said"Can I tell u something" he was like "sure" I wanted to make sure he wouldn't be upset so I had told him "U have to promise to not get mad?" He was like ok and I said I like u his face turned red and said I gotta go to class now. Should I be worried? my guy friends say he likes me I'm unsure. should I talk to him tomorrow? Someone said I should let him process and my friend said right after I said that he came to class and he was really happy (previous day at church we were leaving I had. My friend with me and I was like (friend) he's right beside my car avoid him and we start walking and she stops says hey (crush) Jayla likes u I'm yelling at my friend to get in the car and My crushes brother gave him this cheesy look and now every time I see his twin he gives me this smile... His brother was laughing so hard) but should I talk to him or not I really want to but I don't wanna weird him out, Everyone says he prob likes me I'm unsure.


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  • Is there anything he is good at that you could ask for his help with? Are there any subjects he could help you with? Or any sports you are both into? Maybe just try and spend some more time with him (and guys love it when a girl needs their help) ... when he gets to know you a bit more, he might not be so shy, good luck x

  • You should, got nothing to lose.