Girls, Why being a red head male is the toughest for dating. A letter to all women?

While redhead women and light skin women are usually idolised by men... Bad news for the redhead male a recent trend from the worlds biggest sperm bank has stopped taking sperm from red head males. A recent study done by a university in America had men wear wigs brunettee , blonde and of course ginger and guess which came in last place yep red hair.

Growing up up I was told to turn gay because women are (quoted) 'redhead men are fucking disgusting, and only girls who find a redhead attractive are the ones with a strange fetish' in other words your not apart of the norm , your the fucking strange one in society.

But why would you date a red head , when you've got pale skin and gentl men with darker features are better for an offspring.

Tinder , I will not even get one match for weeks , while I've seen uni friends who are over weight and have terrible face structures get more matches.

I have never been noticed by anyone in western society. The only time I have ever been noticed by a female is usually is if they're from a Asian background or a background that does not have white skin as their predominant skin tone in their country.

I haven't had a date in 3 years. Last time I asked a girl out... 'A red head omg I'm not that desperate '
jeeez thanks.

I grew grew up loving history , social studies and a bit of sport , but if you're not the huge muscular man with a tan, you're not good enough.

Please dont state I look like Ed Sheeran or Prince Harry , i do not going around to people of Asian decent and stating you look like Jackie chan , seriously what kind of complement is it be compered to ed Sheeran an ugly hobbit looking guy? If he wasn't a good singer he'd be in the exact same situation as me , just a shit stain on society.

So girls here is the reason why I do not even bother anymore because if you're a ginger male : you're f'd from the beginning.

Sincerly all red head males

Girls, Why being a red head male is the toughest for dating. A letter to all women?


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  • Dude, you're adorable. Don't let chicks tell you otherwise

    • Thanks , :) about the first positive thing I e ever heard

    • Remember there's always a bunch of us out there that don't care about the color of your hair (and will knock out anyone who says otherwise, haha)


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  • I love red heads!! They're so cute :3

  • R. I. P Hairlineā€¦.

  • Awww... you're really cute, I love redheads, and I just really REALLY want to play with your hair.

    • Also, to address the only Asian girls noticing you thing, I'm a white girl from Arkansas.

    • Melbourne being the most multicultural city in Aus. , it's just seems to dismissed , I've never had one girl interested in me hence why I don't bother

    • You have an accent too. D: I'd be putty in your hand.

  • Hmmm... My cousin was married to a bright headed ginger and he cheated on her with tons of chicks.

    • See don't believe you one bit

    • If you only believe what you want, then you're never going to feel any better.