How should I take his response?

The guy i'm dating lives in the states and i live in the UK. I just got back from the states and messaged him that i miss him already. His response was "really?"... Im not the most emotionally expressive person, so it takes a lot for me to say stuff like that. How should i take that kind of response?


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  • It could mean two things, that is your words came to him as a surprise and he couldn't believe that, I mean that's in a good way.

    However it can also mean that he knows you didn't miss him and that he thinks you are lying, he thinks you are saying that to only make him feel good about himself that's all.


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  • Maybe he means it like "Really?" 😍

    You can't determine voice inflection through text. Don't harp on him about it until you know how he meant it.


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  • In a good way, he is just surprised that you miss him already that's all nothing more to read into and also knows how much you like him

    • Also how did you meet? I'm curious because I would like to meet a woman from the UK and I'm from the states also

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    • I was wondering how it was working out between you two with that and if you would ever stay in the the states? I saw someone that was working here in the states but would be here a few years so it got me wondering if that would work out

    • I've been there too but doubt I would ever reside there so I don't know if they would ever stay here and just visit home sometimes, there is definitely more here because of the size but I did like visiting London and the outside cities

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