How and when should we DTR?

I'm seeing this guy since June and lately we've been on three dates ( we've had a super long time no-see due to the holidays). Thing is we had sex the two last times. But there's a deeper connection and it's just not only about sex. I mean we can sit and talk for hours like we know each other since ages. Thing is he couldn't stay for several reasons after the hook up... I told him after the first time, since I wasn't expecting him to leave, that I didn't only want to have sex with him and that I wanted more. His answer was that he wanted to see me again. (For what exactly, I don't know). Yesterday was that second time we hooked up and that he left but explained me why this time. Basically I want to know what we are. But I'm sure I'm going to suck at it and make it super weird. First what do you think of this situation? Any tips for the DTR? When should I ask him? How? Note: we've met on tinder ( I know this may say a lot) but he has actually deleted his account some time after the first date.


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  • Normally if dating goes beyond a couple of months I would label you and him as a couple. True it should be discussed and talked about soon about what you and him are. I hope it doesn't push him away. I guess it can be discussed anytime.


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  • When you mean, he didn't stay, do you mean he didn't stay the night over with you after you slept together? If a guy upped and left straight up after having sex, I'd have nothing more to do with him.

    • Yeah he left after sex but not immediately. He stayed like 1H30 and then went away. Once because he came with his parents' car and second time because he had something to do the next day and because me might have stayed up late he preferred to leave.

    • That's the ultimate no for me, no matter what excuse. What a sleeze. He's not treating you seriously.