Why didn't he make a move or kiss me?

So last night I was hanging out with this guy that I really like. We were sitting in his car talking and hanging out. The thing about this guy is he has a reputation of being a bad boy and he's slept around with a lot of girls. I'm just confused because all we did was talk, he didn't try to kiss me at all. We play fought for like a few minutes but that was it. It's just really bothering me that he didn't even try because I really wanted to kiss him. I just don't understand could this mean he's not attracted to me or is he just playing hard to get?


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  • Coming from a guy, and past player... I can say that if he shows interest in you, talks to you a lot, creates dates, and acts like he likes you, the reason that he isn't making any moves is because he thinks you're special. He isn't treating you like all the other girls because to him you're not like the others. He's taking his time with you and acting different and taking things slow. He isn't trying to have a hookup and move on, he's actually putting his time in and sees you as something more than just a quick hookup.


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  • It was a First Time... Hanging Out with this guy that I really like.
    He probably Respects you, but do Not be Surprised on a Second time Around... He might Try and with this, Lips and some Hands. As long as the Word don't get Around.
    It's up to You if you want to Continue with his 'Bad Boy' reputation, and if So, Go easy. With someone like This, even a First Kiss, Continue to be this Chase and Challenge and Always the Juiciest apple Way at the Top of the Tree.
    Good luck and He might Change, who knows. xx

    • I just feel kinda unwanted by him since I heard he makes out with girls on the first date

    • No, don't feel like this. He probably is "Waiting." See if there might be another Hang out. Go slow with Joe. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx


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  • 1. Why did you not kiss him?
    2. He was probably not into you like that.

  • You have to do it


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  • Maybe he isn't interested.

    Or maybe he's taking it slow because he really likes you.

    Or maybe he never kissed girls in his car the first time they hang out and you're assuming he does

  • Take it slow 😝

  • Why would you want to be treated like the other girls? You're not them, and if he did treat you like the other girls, well, maybe you won't really last long in his light. Is this the first couple of dates? Are you guys even dating? If it's still early, relax and be patient.

  • Either he's not attracted to you and just sees you as a friend, what you guys had was just hang out nothing more. OR he likes you respects you very much he trying to take things slow.. or he's sure if it was okay to make the move/. He could have been just nervous give him a break

    • I don't think he was nervous because he has a reputation of sleeping around with random girls and always making the first move