Anyone dated/dating a bad texter?

Anyone have experience dating one or are currently dating one? I like a guy, who lives far away and I have discovered his texting habits are terrible. I know its not disinterest because I have dealt w/disinterested guys through texting and usually they drop out of the picture completely. This guy tho, I am making a trip to visit him, is interested, but a bad texter. He sends me sweet texts, but can drop out the convo just like that and not answer for hours. When we Skype though we talk for hours and I can tell he is focused on me. The texting thing is something I am get used to and its not a deal breaker for me. How do you deal w/your partners bad texting habits?


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  • The girl I'm talking to is a bad texter. She usually responds with one or two words, and that bothers me cause we can't have a conversation like that.
    I know she really likes me cause she always wants to meet up, but when it comes to texting, she's awful.
    I just deal with it, not much I can do. She even has acknowledged that she's a bad texter, but as long as it's just texting and not when we're in person, I'm ok with that.


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  • I'm the bad texter <


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  • Nah, slow yes, but not bad, I've had friends in real life who were bad texters before though.

  • Yeah I have many times.


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