I just can't talk to him or flirt or anything of that sort because I'm too damn shy and I don't know what to do?

There's this guy at work, I started liking him about a month ago. We're not friends but we know each other from high-school, too. We always greet each other with a smile and sometimes have a small talk in a hallway. I don't see him often, maybe once a day. And it's always in the hallway, too short. I had two great opportunities to flirt/talk to him but I blew it because I was too shy. One was at the office party, he stood right behind me for like 30 mins with his co-workers. I wanted to talk to him but he was always talking to someone and I chickened out, didn't want to interrupt their convo. Then I lost him. And another chance was few days ago at the part were like 10 of us co-workers gathered to hangout. When I came he even stood up and came to hug me (which he didn't do with any other girl there). I was a bit surprised but I thought this will be the great opportunity to talk to him! I was sitting close to him the whole time, but he was again constantly talking to others and others were talking to me, arghhh I just couldn't find the moment! Then he asked our team boss (a girl) to have a word with her and they moved aside. I could hear them a little bit, they were talking about work stuff, something about his schedule, for like 15 mins. They were also laughing. I don't know what to think of that, maybe he likes her? Then he went home. I kinda gave up a that point. He is clearly not aware of my feelings, well I can't blame him, it's not like I showed it properly. I don't think we're gonna have some gathering again any time soon, even this was part of the job, we almost never hangout all together because we're not in the same team department. I'm now back at seeing him only in the hallway... What do I do? :(


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  • Look for companionship outside of work. Don't get your honey where you make your money.


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  • Be patient