Everything was going well but now she says we are not right for each other?

I've known this girl for about a year a half and we have been seeing each other for about 6 months. We have been going pretty strong with a few hiccups in the beginning. 2 weeks ago she was texting me saying how much she misses me and how much she cared about me. But almost a week ago she started saying we might not be right for each other and is wanting to end it. She is in her final semester of university with finals coming up so I feel like she is just stressed about finishing and wants to keep all of her focus on school. Should I try to stay at a distance and show her I care until she finishes and try to rebuild our relationship or do I give up and move on?


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  • I was kind of in this situation a little while ago. It's possible that it's just the stress. I was with an ex and I was under fire at work because I was slacking on my job. He was giving me crap about not spending enough time with him so I started giving him more time which hurt my job. Between him and the job I was way too stressed and because he refused to understand I left him. So yeah, I would take a few steps back and just let her focus on school for a bit and see how it goes from there.


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  • Monkey branching. Aware yourself.