If a guy wanted a relationship, would he be actively looking for someone to date?


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  • I've been single for a while and I would really like to be in a relationship. So yes I have been actively looking, talking to, and asking out girls. I'm actually currently in the process of trying to get a date with my crush, but I'm thinking it's not gonna work out. She said yes to going out sometime, but then said no to this weekend because her roommates wanted a bonding weekend. So I'll try one more time, otherwise, there's a girl in one of my classes who has a lot of potential. What about you? Are you actively looking for someone to date?


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  • I think some guys are shy and might be afraid to try. But if he isn't shy, I don't see why he wouldn't :)


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  • Doesn't have to be I want one but i'm not actively doing anything about it.

    • Why not?

    • Online date makes you feel like shit it's to much work i got a that's nice but not interested kind of responses or no response and got really unsure about what to put for the about me things and taking forum advice apparently my pictures where bad go shirtless dont go shirt less have a dog in the pic etc etc
      It was all to much
      I dont really want to do the thing where id be surrounded by women other than to be surrounded by women dance classes yoga etc sound fine not an interest but good exercise if there near by i guess. There not near by though and you have to pay for them speed dating i thought about even booked something then canceled because something else came up

  • I've tried that with online dating, and it doesn't work for men. I've stopped caring and looking.

    • Walking up to random women is pointless, because the chances of us having similar interests is laughable.

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    • That leaves decent, good men who are otherwise just average joes looking for love out in the cold.

    • I know it makes it way to unproductive plus apparently most people simply lie on their profiles and that's not something i like doing.
      I want to meet women face to face who aren't family or frends girlfriends and have a reason to talk to them regularly and get to know them. All my main interests are engineering or IT though both extremely interesting and good professionally but not good for meeting women.

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