What's happening with my boyfriend we haven't even broken up and he's acting like this?

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been dating almost for a year now and we're happy af tbh but yesterday there was a football game and he plays football i was gonna go but my parents ended up saying no so sadly I couldn't go see him 😧, and the whole time I been waiting for a text cause I missed him !!, then he texted me at 12:00 pm and I texted him back (but it was a gn text) and then today rn I woke up and my friend texted me saying look at your bfs instagram bio and I did and he usually had my name and the lock but this time he only had an open lock without my name 🔓 but still has me as his profile pic and still has the posts of us like I don't know what's happening tbh I honestly don't want to lose him , what u guys think is happening?


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  • Wow, like OMG I'm totally going to unfriend you and never tag you ever again.. Why don't you just talk to your guy and get an actual answer?


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  • Maybe he's having doubts?