Do I be honest with him about how I feel, or no?

Short story: I was well acquianted, to the point of friendship, with someone, who I have had feelings for for quite some time. I also have reason to believe he may not be interested, because over time our relationship faded, and he acted a certain way towards me that was unwarranted. I want to know why, and despite the risk of being rejected, I feel the need to bare my soul to him and be honest, if only for the closure I crave. I hope that by talking it out with him, no matter the outcome, I'll be able to move on.

Should I talk to this person about how I feel in order to get the closure I want?

  • Yes, talk to him and be honest
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  • No, ignore it and move on
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  • No, ignore it and move on


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  • Wait for a while

    • I thank you for offerring your opinion, but could you explain a bit further? How long, and why?