Meeting up with ex-girlfriend, please I truly need your advice?

My ex girlfreind and i broke up 7 months ago. She was dead angry and i chased her. I then gave up and moved along. I still see her once a twice a week. During this period we stared at each other, and she would come stand right next to me and then get angry when i ignored her. She also started to say hi to the girls i was speaking to (at the gym where we see each other). So i asked her to coffee in 5 days time and she said yes, but was still quiet cold about it. I would like to mend things between us, any ideas? Would she meet up if she wasn't interested in me still? What do i say really? Thanks!


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  • i think you guys have an unfinished business

  • She might be meeting up with you for closure. As sounds like she was angry you were ignoring her because she wants to talk about something. Just be honest what you want from her as it's the only way you both can move on and or be civil


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