Guys, Do you see any difference between transgender and intersex?

This is a tough one for me since I see a big difference between the two. For me, transgender woman is a person who was born a guy and transitions to a girl, intersex woman is someone who was born neither guy or girl and corrected to a woman. But is the intersex woman was raised as a boy and looked externally pretty much like a boy, does it matter? There are differences from a transgender woman. Like bone structure, metabolism, etc. Also this person may have never even been able to function properly as a guy (strength, intercourse, fertility, etc).

Tldr: what is the most important issues to you when considering someone who wasn't raised as a woman?


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  • Both a re abnormal.

  • I think do a test to see whether to make them male or female but trangender has the body of a male but the brain of a female in a sense so no matter how they are raised they are going to like a certain sex