Guys, How is he going to react if he finds out im a virgin?

I met a 27 year old guy in my med school. I am 23, and we are both in our first year. We are just getting to know each other and he has told me that i am gorgeous, beautiful, etc. I have a lot of competition from girls who are way too promiscuous (?) , and constantly over him when we all go to club/bar nights (organized by our school). Last night he disregarded all of them and danced with me the whole night, and we kissed, and he said he "could watch me all night dance" lol. Other nights, even though those girls were all over him, he wouldn't touch them one bit. We kinda regularly text, and he is a gentleman. If i am not being delusional and we actually start hanging out more often, how do you think he would react if he found out i was still a virgin? side note 1: He is an atheist and I come from a muslim family, though i dont dress or act religious. I was just raised in a culture that encouraged me to make sure i dont sleep with anyone until marriage, though I am not sure if i will wait till then. side note 2: not to be a narcissist, but i have heard from my competitions, and their friends, that in our class, I am really really pretty and hot.. Please help. thanks


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  • probably be happy tbh

  • If he's mature he should be fine.


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