What does it mean when you reach this point?

I feel I gave up on love on women and no focusing on my other parts of my life didn't work im single for four years now and I truly gave up on women and i find the world of fantasy and dreams much more better than dating reality i dont know why I feel all this suddnly for a week now have u felt this way what happened to you next? What does it mean?


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  • there's no satisfaction in just dreaming.. all this means is u might have hit a rough spot maybe something more is going on u don't wish to share however you have to know this is temporary. it's okay to take a break from the dating world for now tho.


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  • It doesn't mean anything

  • It means you are growing up and it's fine to take a break :) but don't give up, your princess may be waiting for you :) is there any particular woman you fantasize about, or is it general? It is natural to daydream about love.

    • Could you answer my questions please? I could really use some help as my situation is similar to yours. Thanks :)

    • His princess might not exist at all so stop lying.

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