Why does he hate me now?

There's a boy that liked me and I liked him. We had our ups and downs but we never dated, for the last couple months before college started he was chasing me left and right and I wasn't giving him a chance because I was nervous. I had a body issues but for whatever reason he still liked me the way i was we went to highschool together he got a new girlfriend towards the end of senior year and I was so hurt because I had a chance with him but I blew it. So today I went to school I'm commuting from home to my college And I saw him he saw me and quickly went another way. I'm so hurt and so sad because I loved him. And I thought of him all summer and it seems like he's pretty much creeped out or hates me and it's extremely embarrassing


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe he's trying to avoid you because he still has feelings for you and he wants to get over you


What Girls Said 2

  • Unless you work on your insecurities first, this will happen with every guy you meet... who you like romantically. You need to build up your self-esteem

  • He doesn't hate you. He just assumes that you're not interested in him, that's why he avoids you. Plus, he's with someone else now.