Want to do something special for my girlfriend?

It's almost been 1 year and I really feel we can go a lot further and so does she. But I really want to do something special (Not like dinner) I want to do something creative. Any suggestions?


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  • Romantic Weekend Getaway!!
    Good luck and Congrats. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

    • No thank you haha Thinking about driving down to Florida since she's a huge fan of disney (she's never been) and I love the beaches! haha I find it somewhat romantic!

    • Ah, I am smiling from ear to ear, dear.
      Wait though a bit until they clean out the Mess from Matthew. xxoo

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  • Painting room, amusement park, movies, helicopter ride, cave exploring, scuba diving, archery, room escape, gun range, knife throwing, spa, drug rehab, comedy club, game restaurant, zip lining, rock climbing, kendo, drive in theater, bouncy room, magic show, carnival, etc...


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  • Take her to the beach and have a picnic.


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  • What is she interested in?

    • She is very childish in the sense small things make her happy, like a disney movie (she loves disney) and just chill dates where I dont spend money haha. I've actually been saving up secretly to drive down to florida with her so she can go to Disney World for the first time, but that isn't until farther down the road

    • Make your own movie or song for her,