Is this mofo trying to make me jelous with his snapchat story? Please help?

Was dating this guy for a good month, went on 7 dates and they were all good, hooked up but not actual sex. We had good chemistry and got on really well.

i told him I liked him and he got scared so I gave him time to sort his shit. We haven't seen each other physically for about a month but we talk often. I'm not completely innocent I've been playing a few games like I'm overseas atm and took photos of these flowers I received and put a caption "cute surprise with a love heart", and been hanging with guys (not sex) but he may think I'm hooking up with them. My point I've been trying to make him jelous to test him. He doesn't mention it but he's asked me if I'm seeing anyone and I say no.

anyway he uploaded a snap today of him at this them park a girl is recording him and she keeps talking to him in the video. Then he uploaded a video of the food they are like half the food and half her body is in it.

is he trying to make me jelous?


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  • Probably not you might be reading into this


What Girls Said 2

  • If he wanted a relationship with you after those wonderful 7 dates then he wouldn't have freaked out. That's not normal. He clearly wants to play. And you showed your cards, took the bait, so now there's no way you can go back.

    He's stupid anyway, just move on. Of course he's going to tell you he wants to hang out still, that's what they do. They know how to keep you hooked. Don't be naive.

  • he is on to you. he is playing the same games you are

    • The thing he said he isn't ready for a relationship yet so that's why I've let him have some time. I think he talks to other girls. I've also said to him "do you still wanna see me, cut the bullshit and just be honest" and he said he still wants to see me"? Do u really think he's trying to make me jelous because I mean why would he get this girl to record him doing flips and shit and she's talking non stop?