Guys! Please tell me the reasons why you have "ghosted" a girl before?

For those who don't know; "ghosting" is when you take interest in a girl, maybe go on a date or two, maybe just talk or flirt. And then for whatever reason you just STOP all contact. No texts, no calls, no replying NOTHING. As if you were a ghost, or a mirage... Why do guys do this?


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  • I did this once a few years ago, although we weren't dating at all, but just friends. Still feel really bad about it, but at the same time it worked out in the end for her. She was able to move on within a few months and find another guy, whom she is still with today.

    She liked me as more than friends. A lot, to the point that she said she would even have dreams about me. But I was in a really deep hole with a personal thing unrelated to her, and knew that I would need YEARS to climb out of it... if I ever could at all. I knew that I could never be somebody's guy and have it work out, unless I found a way to get out of that hole.

    She insisted that she wanted to wait for me. I knew that I couldn't let her do that for me, because I would be dragging her down with me and wasting her time. I told her so, and so she agreed that we would just be friends, but I could see that she was still attached to me. During that time I happened to be getting a lot busier with trying to fix that other aspect of my life, so I couldn't contact her for a few days. But somehow I felt something weird, like maybe I had been wasting her time as even just a friend... that I was a waste of everybody's time. So then it became a week, and then a month, and then several months...

    • Did you have the same kind of feelings she had for you?

    • Honestly, no, I didn't. She wrote me a love letter and everything describing how she felt, and I knew I couldn't match those feelings, and I felt awful about it.

      She was an amazing friend, and super funny and charismatic, though, so if I were in better personal circumstances, I probably would have given dating a chance to see where it went, and if I might come to feel more.

      But I was in a bad place in my life, and so dating and relationships were the farthest thing from my mind. I was shutting myself away from everyone at that time, from my friends to even my family and parents, with whom I usually had a very close relationship.

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  • I may not have a dingler but I can still say why I ghost a guy usually it mostly:
    He clingy and being annoying
    he said something that I consider rude and I don't have to talk to him again so I ghost it.


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  • lost interest

  • Oh lots of reasons most common is I don't think we pair up well

  • Lack of interest. Possibly other girls are better. Maybe he found out she is a feminist.


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  • They are not that into you or they have you wanting or needing them and know it