I don't like this guy, but he doesn't get it. What do I do?

This guy has liked me ever since middle school, and now we're seniors in high school. He and I were friends until he told me his feelings for me. He's knows that I do not like him but he still tries to get close to me and it makes me uncomfortable. In class, we can sit wherever we want. I sat at a table (there were other empty seats available) and he sat next to me. So I moved seats and he followed me. I texted him and told him that he makes me uncomfortable and I would like it if he wouldn't sit next to me and he replied with "why?" I don't know what to do.


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  • Ever heard of the saying "takes a brick in the head"?
    You have already told him he makes you feel uncomfortable. It may be time to get some protection, like campus police.

    Just my opinion


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  • Tell him so