Girls would you get mad if your boyfriend was hanging out with a girl that dressed a bit flaunty or with a little less on?

I have a friend that is in the same class as me. Me and my girlfriend and her are all on the same campus and today i was eating lunch with that girl in my class and my girlfriend came up to me and we just talked for 5 minutes before her class. I get a text saying that she doesn't appreciate me hanging out with girls that dress like that. Is it a big deal to your ladies or no?


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  • im enviest of other girls already. but no, not because of their clothes.


What Guys Said 1

  • Of course it would be a big deal for a girlfriend to see her boyfriend hanging out with such women and more so if they are already insecure. It will only make them more insecure.

    My answer is yes of course girls will get angry if their boyfriends did this.