Guys, do you like to date smart woman?

Do men like to date smart woman or are they intimidated by them?

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  • Absolutely!! A smart girl, keeps you on your toes. They're usually very confident, so you don't have to worry about insecurity as much. They're usually logical thinkers, so ou can for the most part bypass those ridiculous un winnable arguments.

    And the best parts are you have someone to brain storm ideas with. Talk legit business. Have intelligent conversations with. So one second you can be discussing a movies comedic timing and the next you're talking scene locations and how the production financial setups possibly took place.

    They also inspire in there on way. Most men already want to be the best version of them self they can be. But they settle for what they are based on the easy woman they get occasionally and stop trying. But an intelligent girl pushes you to keep going till you reach the summit. Savvy;)?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think a man wants a woman of intelligence close to or equal to what his is. So, this question seems kind of irrelevant to me. If a man is a particle physicist who teaches at university, he's probably not going to end up with someone who only completed high school. This is not to say that the woman who only completed high school isn't smart (she can be).
    Ultimately, the person that you date/spend your life with is your partner. You want your "partner" to be a partner in all things, intimately, education level, and intelligence. That way you are interesting to each other.
    I think men want a smart (to their level) woman. However, if you are a smart woman yourself, you will most likely attract smart men. Those men who aren't so smart won't go after you and you probably wouldn't want them to. The same is true if the genders were reversed.
    Also, something to consider is that most people describe themselves as "above average" in positive qualities. In reality, every quality and differentiating factor separates all of the population into a scale between 1-100%. So, whatever the scale is measuring, (IQ, height, intelligence, household income, etc.), there will be an individual who is at 20% with consideration to everyone else. Most likely, if you are truly at the 50% mark for intelligence, you will find someone who ranks similarly on this scale in order to promote compatibility.
    There is someone for everyone out there!

    • So pretty much we look for similar intelligence like we do in looks. If we are a 8/10 in looks we try to date people within that range and same goes for intelligence. Never really thought about it like that till now.

    • At least that's what I think. I mean think about past relationships you've had. For me, no guy blew me away in intelligence, and I didn't blow anyone out of the water either. Both of us were in the process of some sort of higher education and had ambition.
      If you (or someone of the other gender) were to be with someone who was substantially smarter than you, I think it's likely that the lesser of the two individuals in this category would feel insecure and inferior in their relationship, at least to some extent. If you or another person were substantially smarter than your SO, I would imagine that you could feel bored if that person didn't match you in this area.


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What Guys Said 6

  • Well if you are asking about men in general I am sure men like smart women but not over smart. Yes it's also possible that they are intimidated by smart women.

  • Intelligence is overrated. Yes, some basic intelligence is necessary - but there are really a lot more important aspects for a successful relationship than being a second Einstein

  • As long as she doesn't laugh at how silly I am, then we good😂

  • do women like smart men?

  • Yeah, she must be smart, otherwise communication is hard. Though maybe if she was smarter than me that would be a bit too much, but that's very rare since I'm a genius

  • Don't know. Never met a smart woman.

    • For some reason I don't find this offensive, I think because I find it hard to come across smart woman too lol They seem to be dwindling in numbers. It's one of the reasons I have few girlfriend's, I just can't seem to speak on their level and feel out of place and bored. But if you did come across one would you be intrigued or turned off?

    • Actually I was joking / trolling and expecting 20 down votes.

      for me attraction has more to do with physical attraction and social chemistry. A total airhead is a turn off, but being super smart isn't as important as being fun and clicking socially.

      So if I met a girl who was really smart, it would play little to no part in attraction to her.

    • I figured lol and thanks for your opinion.

What Girls Said 1

  • Smart yes, smartest than them no. This is the difference.