Was she serious?

Sorry for the lack of punctuation The other night i was cooking with the girl i have feelings for she knows by the way and she never brought it up so i just assumed friendzone anyways we were being very playful with each other and touching a lot more than usual when we were done i went to drive her home and for a minute i thought my car was dead and she said "well spending the night here wouldn't be so bad" it took me by surprise then my car started and i stupidly took her home i thought for a minute about just pretending it was dead but i got scared and was taken a back from what she said ever since she found out i like her she has been spending more time with me and has been less flakey with our plans but then there are days when she won't even acknowledge my existence i have a feeling she is trying to sort out her feelings towards me because she has mentioned in the past that she likes being single i know she isn't just using me because she is very close to my family and is always talking to my sister on facebook she goes out of her way to help me out and vice versa she buys me dinner all of the time etc I still can never get a read on her though and i dont wnt to push her away by asking her out what do you think sorry again for the lack of punctuation


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  • You definitely blew it. You had your chance, but you missed it.


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  • For starters, I definitely would've pretended my car was dead haha. But girls can also be very difficult to read especially with a situation like this. You do have a lot of positives here though. she isn't flaking on you, enjoys your company, physical contact, all great signs really. just take it slow and see where things lead and if you feel like you should take the shot. then take the shot