Girls, Why do so many girls try to pretend like looks come second to personality?

you can't judge a book by its a cover but if a books cover spark your interest you then you probably won't pick it up. Im not saying looks everything but girls need to fooling losers into thinking they dont care about physical attraction. One girl told me she tells guys this because she doesn't want to look shallow and another girl she tells this lie so that ugly guys will follow her around and make her look more popular. Its a sad and disgusting lie really and worse than cheating.

Newsflash, Its NOT shallow to have a physcial preference or judge someones appearance we all do it whether we like it or not. there's millions of women who continue perpetuating the sick disgusting lie saying "looks dont matter, blah blah blah" and then choose only to date men over 6' or white men.

The truth is that looks is the first thing we observe in the dating marketplace and a persons looks gives us much insight into their DNA as another human being. We are still biologically wired to seek what we feel would be the best DNA for offspring and we subconsciously place A LOT of weight on physical appearance (height, face structure) when looking for a mate. its nothing to be ashmed of. its pretentious to think we can override millions of years of evolution and suddenly choose who we are physically attracted.


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  • For some girls, this is just a reason so they look kind. But for me, personality really does comes first. Sure the first thing that catch my eyes about guys are their physical appearance, and I can't deny that that would often be the reason why I want to know them from the first place. But regarding dating someone, I really put his personality first. I met my current boyfriend from tinder and in all honesty, just by looking at his photos, I would've swiped left. But he put a very smart witty bio (cause I always check the bio) which makes me swipe right. 3 months later, we found ourselves falling hard for each other. I like him not because of his look, but because of him as a whole person.

  • Sometimes that's not always the case. There's this guy I'm crushing on who didn't really catch my eye from his looks but actually his personality. Not to be mean but If I pointed him out to my friends they probably won't believe that I like him.