Is there still a chance we could get back together?

I dated a guy friend very briefly but things started moving way too fast and I think we both got scared. I tried to ask him how he felt about everything and he responded that he couldn't commit to anything serious. I told him I wasn't ready for that either but after that things got weird and awkward and he distanced himself so I said that we show go back to being friends. After a week of awkwardness things are like they were before we talk, little touches, eye contact. Should I give it some time and try to talk about dating again or should I just see what he does? I'm just wondering if there is still a chance?


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  • Hmm I do think peoples mind can change over time however only them can change it- I would say don't push it because he already said what he said, like you said it's only been a week or so at least from what I can tell.


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  • Sounds like you need to truly make up your mind. I'm not convinced that you are clear about your goals...

    • I wanted to slow things down a bit but keep dating. But he just kind of shut down after the conversation where he said he didn't want anything serious. Up until then it seemed like he really liked me though.

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