Why does he want to date me if he treat girls my age like a 'little sister' ?

Aguy friend whose 6 years older than me (I'm 24), he told me he think another female friend whose my age is too young and he only sees her as a younger sister because she's just so young. However recently he confessed to me and want to pursue a relationship with me. It made me confused. He treat girls around my age as little girls but yet want to pursue a relationship with me because he sees me as a woman? I'm confused. Dudes... enlighten me here


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  • The little sister excuse is often a common way to say that you're not attracted to someone but like them as a friend.

    It doesn't mean she's really like a sister.

    • He does see the girl and treat her like a younger girl (more like a younger sister). He told me he would not date a girl younger than him by 2 years cause it feels like kissing a younger sister and now he wants to date me? When I asked him he says its because I feel older than the girl.

    • He's lying about the sister thing, I told you.

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  • Maybe he likes you

    • Before he confessed, when we were talking he say he would never date a girl whose 2 years younger than him.