Guy keeps asking me to hangout at the last minute. What do I do?

So I met this guy, "james" at a friend's birthday party a month ago. We talked all night and he said he wanted to take me out. He then texts me the next night and asks if I want to go out to do something. I was already dressed to go out with friends so I told him I already had plans. We didn't talk all week until he texted me again on Friday night to hangout but again, I already had plans. He has been texting me at night the day he wanted to hangout for the past few weeks so I'm always busy. I told him we should make plans because I need to know a few days in advance and i told him I don't like it because it seems like I'm his last choice but he keeps asking me around 8 at night when I'm getting ready do go out already. This past weekend we both went to the same party. At the party he kissed me on the cheek a few times and told a group of people I was talking to "watch out for this one. She's a heartbreaker" I tried to talk to him about making plans for this week end but he just wanted to get to get to know each other and hold me all night. He texted me on Sunday again but i was with my family and didn't have time to go out. I really like him but i don't understand why he does that. Is it because he just wants to hookup? I think if that's al he wanted he would've tried at my friends' parties instead of trying to get to know me. I already know he's going to text me this weekend so should I stay free for him or should I just give up if he doesn't want to ask me in advance?


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  • I personally do not entertain any guy who would always ask me out last minute. If he just asks you out of the blue, it means he hasn't given the date much thought. I like guys who at least put an effort into coming to see me in the beginning of the dating stage.

  • This is a HUGE red flag! Stop talking to him asap. He is not very interested and is using you as a place holder. I hope I am not sounding mean but I have been burned like this a few times.