Signs that he wants to kiss me? And signs I could give that I want to?

There's this guy I know. Good friend, amazing guy and I have a major crush on him. We went to this Rotc Ball together and when he dropped me off he walked me to my front porch and we talked for a few minutes. He's kinda of shy and this was the first time we've ever really been as close as we had been together. He hugged me real tight and leaned back to look down at me( he's tall!) I thought maybe he was wanting a kiss, but I just said goodbye and went inside because my parents were watching. At school I meet him up and we walk together to class( ours is next door to eachother) Today he stopped and whirled around and stood as close as he did at the Rotc Ball. His eyes moved around my face and he would smile, but seemed distant. When he said he had to go, he stood there after I said goodbye and started to lean, but moved and went to class right when the bell rang. What are some signs that he might have wanted me to kiss him? And what are some signs that I could give to tell him I want to? Please and thanks!


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  • Signs are everywhere. give a guy little push come on lol. For good guys who really like girls for who they are, to make a move and kiss a girl for the first time is as hard as it can get. Play a little role in it to PLEASE. you don't have to do anything just give him a little push MOTIONALY, IF YOU ARE INTO HIM OF COURSE.


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  • yeah, I would say he's into the kiss alright. go on and give him the kiss of his life... one that he would never forget ;D