Will I ever get better?

Life hit me hard. My personality is difficult, i wanted to be liked by eceryone, could never say no, hated being alone, really really sweet, would never complain, very obedient. But unfortunately these kind of people are the treasures but also the once who get depressed easily, i wasn't selfish, never was, wanted everyyyyyone to like me. Hated conflict could stand up for myself but hated conflicts. Now i am 24 with no boyfriend never had one, no friends, never had sex... on depression pills... I feel like... Maybe im not strong? Or maybe because i never got through the teenage phase? Of knowing who i was? Because i was physically ill between 12-16 ? I want to get to know me but i have to move out first in order to really live..


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  • you were controlled, you were hurt and trapped like you were in a cage. you are free or are being freed. Fidn God/Jesus which is love, absorb that every day.

    you need counseling where someone talks to you about your feelings and works through the lies... ideally a Christian Counselor because you need God. Everyone does, but you really need God (love) which is represented in the Bible by Jesus.

    Other people have survived and overcome such obstacles worse than this, does it make you feel better. Others have been a lot worse than you and overcome. yes you can, but it will take changing, finding the truth through all the lies you've experienced, and building a base of love on God to replace the father you never had. Accepting your mother and siblings for the tragedies they've experienced.

    Getting a new perspective is how you will get out of this. Dwelling on the past is exactly what the adversary, known as the devil, or satin is all about. Doing so is causing you to waste the one thing you have time and love... you are losing time and you aren't loving yourself or anyone else who is hurting.

    you've been rendered useless by this. that's not you... its just the state you are in. You have a lot to give based upon what you've been through. Do something different today, someting positive...


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  • Just keep working on it, there is never really a right way of growing up. Most of us are also still trying to figure things out as it goes along. Just surround yourself with positive people, work on your flaws and just keep improving on yourself.


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  • This is very relatable. I believe that within time, seeing the right people and taking the right medication/ exercise eatinf right will make you better.