Went on a date why a guy that I thought it went great for both parties. Why won't he text after day 4? . Im lost?


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  • Don't text. Call. Find out for certain and don't tear yourself up over uncertainty forcing you to waste time asking G@G questions.


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  • Means it didn't go great for both parties. Seems like he isn't that into you. I know there's a three day rules guys doing, but when a guy really likes you he doesn't even give a shit about those rules he contacts you within 24 hrs.
    But still it could be that he actually on three day rules but it's been 4 days.. That's really a long time.
    Why don't you text him first and see what's up? Or you could give two more days and he still hasn't contacted you, he's not that interested.
    A guy/girl totally act/look like they enjoy time with you but you just never can be sure until after the date how they treat you.


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  • He lost interest