Girls, If you were seeing someone and they left you by not telling you for someone else is that okay?


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  • You can't make anyone stay, maybe its better they did this and you dont gotta keep perusing someone unworthy of your time... but it is a evil cold bitch move

    • interesting here's the kicker though I was super nervous to kiss her and eventually she would turn down and make excuses for not going out and then eventually saw another guy is it still wrong not to text back saying "hey I don't think it's going to workout?"

    • So its not a relationship its dating.. but you were perusing her and she knew it without letting you know the interest wasn't there, or she led you onto believe there was a chance... if she led you on its wrong... but if she didn't and informed you the interest wasn't there over time then she's okay, sometimes its hard to see or accept that it isn't going to work when we really like a person and thats okay as long as we realize at some point and dont act irrational.. but again if she led you on, then that is a bitch move on her part

  • Of course that's not okay. You should know this. Not even having the decency to tell the they person is so disrespectful

    • well it happened a few years ago to me it just popped in my head I just thought since I'm not her boyfriend she didn't have to say anything to me but it did hurt

  • Its not okay.