Does he hate me? I know he is in a relationship and my intent isn't to break them up but just figure out why he is avoided me?

so what do you call a person who sees you walking form far away and walks another direction to get away from you but as they walk away looks at you from the corner of their eyes? Does that mean they hate you? Trying to get away from you? There's a boy that liked me and I liked him. We had our ups and downs but we never dated, before highschool ended he started chasing me for 5 months straight left and right by flirting with me and giving me constant attention. and I wasn't giving him a chance because I was nervous and he's all I wanted and it seemed way too good to be true but it was and I was too stupid to realize that. he got a new girlfriend towards the end of senior year and he stopped giving attention to me and I was so hurt because I had a chance with him but I blew it 100% me being an idiot. So today I went to school I'm commuting from home to my college And I saw him (I had no idea we went to the same college) he saw me and walked a different directon on purpose. I know it would be a bit awkward walking past me but what's the point of the avoiding me and it seems like he's pretty much creeped out or hates me and it's extremely embarrassing is he avoiding me cause he hates me? And why is he watching me as he walks away?

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  • I doubt that he hates you. He probably just is avoiding temptation.


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  • If you had a chance with him and you blew it, then you should be the one who makes the first step in this case. You can't expect him to keep trying.