Dating someone who has been damaged by a previous relationship?

Recently started spending time with a girl who was cheated on horribly in a previous relationship. We get along great, and she admits the sex is great and that I'm good be around. But she struggles with her past and worries that things won't move along as they should in a relationship. What do you guys and girls think about it?


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  • it's a bad idea. I'm damaged from my ex that I can't get over. I keep going on dates to try and help me get over him but it's horrible. (1) I don't even like the guys (2) I'm being selfish (3) I'm leading him on knowing I don't even like them (4) all I do is compare to my ex (5) I'm only using them to make my ex jealous (6) they wonder why I'm such a b*** but it's cause I don't really want to be there (7) it's a waste of everyone's time

  • Give her constant reassurance, lots of affection never hurts and keep communication open. I've been where she was, trust and bringing down those walls is tough. But with patience she will ease into it. We have to learn over time that we will be treated right, we can't just believe it, it must be shown.


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