Do you think it might be a fake profile?

So my boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot. He says I don't care enough/dont love him.

Last week a profile on this social media appeared. It was a girl (that was using face pics as I later on found out) that in her description met all his dreams and goals in what he looks for in a girlfriend. She'd message him all the time and post on his wall restlessly.

Fun fact is that whenever we were in good terms, she'd disappear. And now that we had a big fight and probably broke up for good she's posting on his wall and all over him again.

She also messaged me and told me some really personal stuff that no one could know besides me and him...

Watcha think? Am I tripping or has he created a fake profile to make me jealous?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I hate admitting it but I've done something similar before to bait my ex into an argument... long story. But it sounds like that is exactly what's happening. You could test it by telling this "girl" something and not your boyfriend, and see if your boyfriend miraculously knows what you said. Make it something he couldn't resist bringing up.

  • sounds like him based on what you wrote lol


What Girls Said 1

  • That's weird, it seems like he did.