Is it wrong that I'm upset at this guy?

We've known eachother for 2 months and have been on 4 dates and have not slept together. He initiates contact with me mostly everyday and I do too at times. We had to meet yesterday because he had to leave to another country for work for 2 weeks but when it was time to meet about 20 minutes before he texts and says he can't make it cause he has work to do and something to get fixed at home. I got really upset because he could of told me this before. He was the one who asked to see me that day and he actually was free to see me that weekend but didn't even ask me out because he knew he was leaving. Is it wrong that I'm upset? I feel like he doesn't care about me at all. :( He has done something like this before where we met all ND as soon as we met he says he has to go back to work so we can't hangout long.


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  • No you not wrong, let me be the one to replace him 😉


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  • No I don't think you are wrong. I think I would be a little fustrated too.