Are they intimidated or not interested?

My friends often will say "you're so beautiful" or "why don't you have a boyfriend already?" out of the blue which is nice of them, but it makes me confused as to why I don't get a lot of guys attention. I do stay pretty quiet in class, but if you do talk to me I am friendly and can hold a conversation. I have heard that a guy likes me but then they NEVER talk to me, so nothing happens. I see guys looking at me a lot in public, but I never know what it means. I am curious if you think that they are intimidated by me or if guys just aren't interested in me. If you do think they are intimidated, how can I be less intimidating?


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  • If a guy does look at you multiple times in a short period of time , then trust he is interested by you. Once you notice a guy doing this you should hold eye contact and smile at him , it would make it easier for him to approach you that's how it works for guys you need to show that you're actually available.


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