Why do 30-somethings love older women?

I am recently separated & playing the field. In my mid-40s. I look much younger, no surgery, just lucky genes. said to be "beautiful" and i have a really toned/lean athletic, yet curvy body. Also very good at witty banter. I get either very hot early to mid 30s, or older (ugly) guys interested. Why does a guy as young as 30 pursue me? They are really persistent, and claim they only want casual fun, but end up wanting more. WTF?


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  • I'm not in my 30's. I'm 25 year old. I don't love older women, 35-up, any more or less than a woman closer to my age. Of course, older women are attractive in ways younger women aren't and vice versa. I think an older woman that tries so hard to look like she's still young is completely unattractive. An older woman that just embraces her age and is confident in herself is very attractive

    I've noticed that I attract older women, though I don't what exactly it is about me that they like. It doesn't bother me though.

  • Less drama and usually have their shit together.

  • I've had casual sex with older women in their 40s since my mid 20s and kept it to strictly SEX with no strings attached nor letting feelings get involved! Sex with an older woman is mind blowing so I'd say that the men you've encountered can't separate their feelings so they end up wanting more than casual fun in the end.