Should I pretend to be confident around my boyfriend or just be myself?

The guy I am dating invited me to his sister's wedding and I cannot dance. He is expecting me to dance with him and I am definitely going to screw this up. He and his friends are planning a Bollywood/Salsa-inspired dance routine. I'm a very insecure person and I don't want to dance in public.

I won't know anyone at this wedding but him, so it will make it that much more awkward. Should I tell him that I was born with two left feet and can't dance at all? Or should I try to be confident and make a fool of myself.


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  • Just tell him. Less awkward than lying

  • be yourself if he truly likes you he'll accept you the way you are

  • Always be yourself! If you don't want to do something tell him I'm pretty sure he would and I know he should understand if you don't want to do something your uncomfortable with. Have fun when you do go though. Have fun and be yourself!!!