Should I breakup with my boyfriend? I love him?

The guy that I am dating is in the military so it is hard for us to have an actual relationship with each other because he is always gone overseas but we try our hardest to make the best out of it. I am willing to wait for him as long as I have to and be there for him and he knows that. He knows that I am not going to cheat on him or anything and that I am not going anywhere. The only thing he is really worried about is our relationship because we are never able to spend time with each other and hang out. We have been dating almost a year and he has been gone twice overseas and I have waited for him the whole time to come back and we have hung out a little not as much as we wanted to because our schedules do not match. When he is free and able to hang out I am working and going to school and when I am free he is always working. I try my hardest to make time for him to hang out but nothing is able to fit and when he wants to hang out it is always last minute like he will text me like 30 minutes before he is on the way there and tell me to meet him at the movies to watch something and I have to let him know that I can't and he gets upset because I am not able to make it. He does not care how much time we have to spend together as long as we are able to spend time with each other but we are never able to. It's hard on our relationship we are both patient and willing to wait for each other but it is just super frustraiting that we are never able to see each other. He is getting ready to leave again and we have not been able to spend time with each other and it is has been causing conflict with us because he thinks I do not want to spend time with him and that I am lying about being busy. Now that I have time to spend with him he is super busy since he is getting ready to leave and not responding to my messages so I don't even know anymore I can wait for him but I need to know if he even wants to be with me anymore and he is not answering Advice?


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  • My Dad was a career military officer, so I understand what you are saying. It's always been difficult having and maintaining a relationship with a service member. Many times since their schedules are inflexible, you must be the one who gives to maintain the relationship. You probably have already found that to keep your relationship fresh that you have to be creative in the ways you communicate with him. Even when and if you were to be married, things are not going to get a whole lot easier if he is deployed often or out to sea (Navy). Women who can and do date and marry servicemen pretty special girls, most support their guys in ways some of us will never know. Many times you will be his lifeline when he is battling loneliness, he's cut off from everyone who loves him and he knows it so you are the one he looks to for strength. You have to talk to him first, you have to make him number one priority, be creative, love him for what he's doing. Just don't break up with him over things he has no control of.


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  • Don't break up with him. Make time. Take a day off of work every now and then. Make him a priority. I know it's probably hard, but it'll be worth missing out on a day's pay if it means you get to see him

  • it is not easy to date a military guy and it is not going to get better any time soon

  • All you can do is wait for him to reply