She now had a new boyfriend. Why is it so fast?

We have dated for 2 months then she rejected me after. After 2 weeks of not contacting, she had a new boyfriend. That was too fast. Makes me think that I don't really mean to her...

She means a lot to me and I want her back but it seems I can't do anything and I might decide to just move on.


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  • I'm sorry you went through this.
    You probably weren't ever important to her, and I kinda doubt this new guy is important to her either.

    • They broke up after two weeks. She posts some stuff relating to that and I clearly see that the guy was important to her.

      Yeah I am taking this personal because she means a lot to me.

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    • You just haven't found her yet

    • Maybe it is. Thanks anyway

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  • You might decide? You 100% need to move on, and completely forget about it. If she had another boyfriend in 2 weeks, it was probably in 2 days. She's probably been talking to him for the last month already.

    No reason to even waste your time or effort anymore.

    • I was having a thought of that. She might have seeing somebody else.


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  • It's too fast according to you. Not according to her.

    The relationship is over. She doesn't see you that way. Move on.


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  • Move on as fast as possible , she isn't worth your concern. Women have a lot more options than men do , so they can easily find a " replacement " , I think you have dodged a bullet here !!

  • This will help you move on, she's riding his cock right now and is enjoying every second of hit, along with giving him bjs, you aren't even on her mind not even one little thought, move on.