Is it a good sign when he texts an hour after a "date"?

We met online and met up to tailgate yesterday! We hung out from around 2 to 6:30 and he introduced me to his friends, who were having the tailgate. Anyway, we hung out and talked and walked around campus and he seemed really great! He's 25 and I'm 20 and I sit in the student section and he watched the game at the tailgate with friends. He walked me to my friends just before the game and wanted to meet them. Before I went into the stadium, he gave me a side hug type thing and told me to text him later. About 45 minutes after we parted, he texted me saying "Hey, I had fun" but it took me nearly six hours to respond (bad signal in stadium, almost dead phone). I told him I had fun too. I figured that, since he texted me so soon after we hung out, he was interested and actually had a nice time. But after I texted him saying I had fun too, he never responded so I'm not sure if I should send him a text or if I should wait for him to text me? I was kind of quiet, as I am with most people when I first meet them, so could he have thought that I am not interested?


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  • I throw any sort of rules for texting out the window, and trying to interpret what someone is thinking based on their text message behavior is like trying to interpret what a dream means. If you want to text him and start a conversation just do it. What do you have to lose? If he doesn't respond he's an asshat and you can move on.

  • It took you 6 hours to respond lol I think that might have been the monkey wrench.
    But what do I know, that is just my opinion

    • Is it worth even texting him now?

    • Sure, what do you have to lose. Worse he can do is say no or not respond in which cases you will have your answer.
      But what do I know that is just my opinion

  • Text him again, you have nothing to lose. Ya done goofed by initially waiting 6 hours in my opinion.


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