Should I stop talking to someone I met on the internet?

I'm a girl and he's a boy and I've developed feelings for him and he said he talks to me for more than nudes but I don't know. Im so used to talking to him all the time how do I move on and what are some reasons I can give him about why we shouldn't talk anymore


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  • Well, if he wants a future with you and more then just nudes, and you have feelings for him, why do you have to stop talking to him? Surely is that not a sign he respects you and cares for you and wants a life with you and not just some shifty illegal exchange of nudes of a minor (which is technically child porn and he could go to jail?)

    • (Just to clarify what do you mean by "he said he talks to me for more then nudes)

      Does he mean he talks to you because he likes/loves you or does he mean it in a dirty suggestive way in that he dosent want nudes but rather sex and stuff?

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  • Find someone else to talk to. It's going to suck for a little bit but you'll move on, I promise. Honestly if it's just the internet you don't really have to give a reason. You can be honest and let him know that you do think he's just talking to your for nudes so you don't want to talk to him anymore. Or tell him that you're getting feelings for him but it's hard for you because you'll never meet so you want to cut things off, or you make something up about how your mom doesn't want you to talk anymore, or you got a boyfriend, or you like someone else..


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  • Yeah, sounds like he has big ideas i would say stop talking to him, he is being too sexual with you that can result in something serious happening.

  • if you have feelings for him i dont get why you think you can't continue to chat with him


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