Girls, Since this is a site where people kind of open up an say whats on there mind. Do you think this would be a good site to meet people?

So im sure everybody wants the right person who satisfies them in every way. Some people are lucky enough to find that person who they can be completely relaxed around and not be embarrassed when presenting sexual actions, random topics, or style of living etc... but for people like myself its hard to find that person. I've tried dating sites and in person of course but can't find the one. I dont have a problem getting women. Its almost like they are nervous to open up cuz they think ill judge them. Not cause im mean or do judge them but cause how I look. Females tell me I look like a hoe cause Im light skin and they tell me I look good a lot so they always try an look they best and always think I got hoes. Im tired of getting with people who judge me by how I look, they think I be judging them like they dirty if they sweat or sumn. That makes sex boring, going out boring, and being with them feels fake. This is a place where I see people being as honest as I am right now, so would this be a good place to meet somebody?


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  • Uhh... Online dating is usually a no-go. But I guess it could work. Make sure you get a person that doesn't catfish you. Try to find a girl that lives near you so you can meet up with them and start and ACTUAL relationship.

    p. s ignore my age it's wrong :P

    • So im from texas lol should I just make a post like if you from texas comment

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    • Lol nun is ever easy. Your right though that could be bad. This is my first account to so I don't know how all this really works or what kinda people are on here. Do you find it hard to find somebody whos similar to you or is it easier for a girl?

    • It probably it is a little easier for a girl. I don't really know though. The girls on here are nice but it depends on who you usually pursue I guess.

  • Well first I wanna say those other girls judging you are completely mean.. I just created my page today and the people up here are fairly nice and they are very honest. So I would say go for it ☺️

    • Thanks, I guess ill see if I have any luck

  • I honestly think the idea of meeting people online is so lame and silly.