Normal to be jealous?

so i started dating this girl exclusively.
the more i get to know her i realize she's very sexperienced and dated much more than what is average. but i'm also falling for her, and the more she talks about these dates and her past experiences, the more jealous i get.
these stories are never out of context, just related memory on her part brought up during a conversation here and there but the more i hear about them, the less tolerant i get.

of course, i don't show any of these and keep cool but the adverse feeling i get is only getting stronger.

is this a normal response?
how can i remedy it?


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  • Of course, you are a guy for heaven sakes, most importantly you are human. But personally, I don't think she should take about her experiences like that. She is who she, though. There is nothing you can do to change that. If you feel it's to much, then maybe it's not right. You really just gotta embrace it.

    p. s ignore my age it's inaccurate, your not receiving advice from a fourteen year old.


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  • Its normal but don't melt down yet. Do not say "I love you" Let her say it. You should be mature enough to care less about her past and really its none of your business. Just relax and keep the feeling of her past with her. 90 days man Survive it. You should take that information and use it in your favor. If anything its education about her. If you get tired of it. Just let her know that you dont want to hear it. Really its that simple. A health level of Jealous is good.


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  • Ok, so you talking about feeling jealous right? yes, in that case it's completely normal.

  • A sure way to test whether you'd be totally fine with it all, is to sit down, have a talk and have her reveal everything about her past. If you're able to deal with it all in one go, you'll get over it. If not, then... well... then not.