Is he interested? What do I do?

The first day of school this year i saw this guy and i immediately became attracted to him. He does kind of act feminine and people asked if he was gay. So i saw him sitting with a girl i knew and i then asked her privately if he was straight. He turned out to be single straight and not interested in someone atm. A couple of days after, i went up to my friends and he was there. I felt him staring at me and as i walked away with my friends, they said stuff like "did you see the way he was looking at you?" then he came near me with his friends and smiled at me and "checked" me out. I felt uncomfortable bc it felt like he found out about my crush on him. The next day i saw him passing by me and seeing if i would look at him. I told my friend and she told me that he called me a stalker and so then i confronted him in front of all his friends (didnt know thy were there) and i told him that im not stalking him and that i just thought he was cute. Turns out he wasn't calling me a stalker and my friend got it confused. He told my friends that he thinks im really pretty and compared me to a bratz doll but in a good way lmao ookkaay. I just found out that he thinks i HATE him bc i have a resting bitch face and i avoid looking at him bc i get nervous. He pretends to be looking around when he sneaks a few glances but i still dont look back and I don't know why. He has a friend thats a girl and is always close to her and pretty sure sshe likes him too but i got up to do something with other classmates and i was by the door and he was staring and facing my way and then looked really upset bc he keeps thinking that i give him dirty looks. I didn't want him to know that i thought he was cute bc i get nervous and feel pressured talking to my crushes. I really want to talk to him but i feel like i kinda lew it. I dont know EXACTLY what to do!! i get so nervous and shy. help ! Plus i ignore him bc i dont want to get hurt like i have in the past.


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  • You said you like him and he said he likes you... I don't see where the confusion lies. Anyways if that is true than just be friendly with him and if you are confident and ok with asking him out than try that.


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  • Your friend doesn't sound like a good person. She probably did this on purpose.
    As for the guy, he doesn't seem to care that much.