Need dating advice please. Got a girls number a year ago, texted her, never heard back. A year later she sees me in person and we talk?

She says we should hang out. I text her two weeks later (would have done it the first weekend, but I was dealing with a friend's wedding). She says she'd like to come out, but goes to a friend's bday party instead. So I say "that's cool. There's actually an event going on next weekend. we should hang out then if you're free." She read the text and hasn't texted back yet. Should I try to say something the day of or just wait and see? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks for reading my long winded post.


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  • I'm sorry 😓 But this deft sounds like she's not interested! She just seems like a nice girl so when she saw you she just said that to not make the moment awkward.. well at least that's what I feel is going on. Don't waste your time love!

  • Honestly, I don't know what her deal is. She is contradicting in saying that you 2 should hang out, but completely ignores your text. As a female, I can confess that I have said to a guy after a date, let's keep in touch. It was like word vomit, I didn't mean to say that, as I really didn't want to see each other again. When I like a guy, I'll put effort especially if he's making the first moves. The fact that you are, and she is not responsive, let her go. If she is playing hard to get, she'll realize you're not playing games, and she will cut the BS and take the initiative. Good luck'


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